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AFRICAALIVE and JADEWORKS were born through a passion for photography, design and wildlife—in Africa. A continent crisscrossed by explorers to discover the buried secrets and ever-changing biodiversities from north to south, but still, she remains unfathomable.

SHIRLI JADE CARSWELL is a freelance conceptual designer, photographer and an insatiable travel addict committed to tourism and the safari culture of Africa, creating a marketing fusion for lodges and safari operations as well as assisting advertising agencies who outsource for creative campaigns.

THE WILDSIDE SAFARI COMPANY specialises in travel through Eastern, Central Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and Southern Africa, providing access to some of the best wildlife that the continent has. Elephant herds thundering through the dust to get to the water lifeblood, the sudden crash of the prehistoric rhino through the long grass or a blur of cheetah—and then in a flash, gone. Every millisecond is a new story in this enigmatic land.
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"Welcome to a celebration of magnificent lodges and camps, spectacular wildlife and tribal faces conjuring Africa at her best—a place for storytelling.
My African safari tribe."

Africaalive | Jadeworks