| Personal Coffee Table Books |

BOOK ME | With the technology of today, our world is overwhelmed by digital images which come and go in seconds. We view images briefly and sweep them away with a simple touch. Our photographs spread through a multitude of devices from smartphones, iPads, laptops and computers. One day we’ll sort out all the old family snaps packed away with mothballs or print some of them - but one day never arrives!

The Power of Print remains exceptional and tactile; there is nothing like a beautifully printed book where the images come alive in your hands. Turning the pages and feeling the paper of a book is still one of life's simple pleasures.

Celebrate your memories and tell a visual story with a personalised coffee table book of your own. Perfect for old family photos, holidays, birthdays and unique events, your extraordinary moments in life or as a unique gift for someone.

Professionally designed and printed on high-quality paper and bound in a glossy or matt hardcover.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact Shirli at shirli@africaalive.co.za


|   Corporate Memory Books  |

Professionally designed and printed coffee table books for top level management in corporate companies as unique farewell gifts they would treasure forever.


| Coffee Table Lodge Books |

Every venue has a unique story to tell visually, and it is part of the brand narrative that entices visitors to come back. An exceptional marketing tool for travel shows, 


| Bridal Dress Fine Art | 

The Dress is a tribute to an unforgettable day for the bride, photographed and processed as a work of fine art and a precious memory to be framed.

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