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THE LOCATIONS around Africa are as diverse as the landscapes; the venues extend from intimate private camps, rustic, classical 'Out of Africa' to the luxurious safari-chic—each with its character and unique story. Shirli has photographed several tourist lodges in some of the most beautiful destinations around Africa through commissions. Her images capture the spirit and atmosphere iconic of the venue and area, collaborating with the natural light and essence of beautiful interiors and exteriors. 

With her roots in raw design - shooting the images is a distinct advantage to visualise how they appear in various media formats. Her camera bag is well-travelled, held feverishly over swaying rickety bridges, clutched with blue fingers on a microlight or lugged up the side of a volcano.

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"I love the disparity between the planned and the unpredictable in photography. Certain things you can plan; however, the light is often a revelation to me, which is the unknown factor I love. Producing an image which drips with its pure ambience is all-consuming and satisfying."

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