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Travel in Africa is not only the real safari or treks, it is wandering into the cultures, cruising the vibrant crafts, taking passage into the atmosphere that makes up the continent. It's a beautiful boiling pot of different fusions coming together. 



"The herd of elephants kick up the dust in the narrow track, while the matriarch eyes me intently. The aunts have surrounded the new-born calf behind her for protection. I wait and watch them as they smell the air."


My Ship

“At the drop of a hat?” was the question shot back at me from a gorgeous guy I had met on the jetty in Cape Town. I had been staring at all the moored gleaming boats, “Yes!” I confidently replied.


Tintin & Tintin II

Big, dark green with bells and whistles, shining in the light, I took ownership of Tintin. I had reached a significant milestone in more ways than one, and my rite of passage was about to change me forever.

"It's impossible to get tired of an area, nothing stays the same, and that's the beauty and adventure of travel in Africa. Never 'expect' something; the opposite might well happen. Breathe in the air, …smell the dust and listen. Here I can escape and give vent to all my addictive traits."

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