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Whether they are personal projects or collaboration with other creative people, the motivation of being involved in something more extensive, a horizon that inspires herself and others, drives Shirli—following through on a new concept, working out the processes and watching it develop to the final production. Projects need passion and commitment above everything else; the reward is priceless, giving a sense of pride and fulfilment on completion.
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"My dream to produce a coffee table book was eventually accomplished—a long process from the photography location shoots, the design layouts and map illustrations. There were moments of pure frustration, but in the end, complete pleasure when
I held the first printed book
in my hand."


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"I am collaborating with venues and storytellers on an African lifestyle book. Over the years, travelling through Africa, I have had the pleasure to visit some of the unique safari locations. These are interiors, stories, the people and wildlife which make the continent special." 
Currently in progress


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"I have always had this idea of illustrating a children’s book in the back of my mind. For years, I had watched my sister, Beverley in the Netherlands with her inquisitive son telling him magical stories that she seemed to pluck out of the air.
So the idea for our children’s
book was originated."

"Success is not measured by wealth, but by doing something you love even when it is challenging, and you get through it. It is the small things which have been the most significant victories in my life." 

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