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THE DRESS |  What happens to the wedding dress once the 'big day' has come and gone? Most people carefully pack this significant and beautiful item away or sell it. All the dreams and planning for months, sometimes years, are wrapped up in 'The Dress.'

The Dress is a tribute to an unforgettable day for the bride, photographed and processed as a work of fine-art and a precious memory to be framed.

I will photograph the dress in the bridal store before collection, preferable on a tailor's dummy or mannequin to give shape using the natural light in the store, and create a digital composite with a background and lighting to produce a fine-art print, 55 x 80 cm in size. 

It will be delivered back to the store, ready for the client to collect when convenient. The client will have the art print to be framed as they wish, and the bridal shop will receive a digital copy of the image.

I can also work remotely if I get the right resolution images of the bride in her dress with a clear view. More details on this below.

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Finished Print

The finished print size is 55 x 80 cm
Prints are individually signed locally
and digitally signed for remote clients.
The fine art suits several styles of frames
from traditional to modern, that is up to you.

"Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memory." Kevin Horsley

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