Wildscapes  |  Photography

WILDESCAPES photography is both timeless and fleeting; it is recording a story in that moment of the environment, a chronicle through time. It is about perspectives, clouds, light and contrasts. It is about natural formations and hues with a delicate thread binding all the creatures.

Wildscapes also captures the rich cultures of the areas of communities living symbiotically with wildlife. To visit these communities is invaluable; it gives the tourist another narrative on the destination. A Maasai or Himba village becomes a work of art with their traditional textures and craftsmanship of their adornments. These are proud people and the experience to engage with them, is more valuable than any amount of money.

Landscapes are the window to the region, images to breathe in and travel vicariously through the eye and lens of the photographer. Feeling the temperature of the air, listening to the sounds and watching the shadows move; being transported to another space. Shirli uses her 'wildscapes' to set the scene to her storytelling.

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"There are no rules with taking the time and the luxury to shoot a landscape - I want my horizon or a tree in the centre, it is my decision. Never shoot directly into the sun; why not? My brush is the camera, and my eye is the canvas."

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